Help the creatures of Christmasville uncover the truth
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Help the creatures of Christmasville uncover the truth about the disappearance of Santa Claus in this holiday-themed seek and find adventure. Along your journey, you'll encounter the Abominable Snowman, Reindeer, an Elf and evenĀ» Read more Death itself in this eye-popping seek-and-find Christmas adventure game.Christmasville is a hidden-object game in which you are a detective, who with the help of other characters must find Santa Claus before he misses Christmas. Throughout the game, you will basically travel from place to place playing different kinds of hidden-object games that will reveal clues to help you find Santa Claus.

Sometimes, you will be given a list of objects to find and sometimes just the silhouettes. The scenes are not very detailed and the objects seem to be thrown away rather than hidden in the scenes. I think this is so because the game is intended for little children, so it is pretty easy. If you need help finding an object, you can use one of the hints, which are unlimited, but take some time to recharge. Also, if you click randomly several times, you will be added 20 seconds to your final score. There are also lots of mini-games that help break the hidden-object atmosphere and add some variety.

Unfortunately, the game includes only one mode, which is timed, and also, if you replay a scene, all the objects appear in the same place and the list of objects will be exactly the same, so it offers no replayability.

Regarding the graphics, they are cartoonish, but as I said before, they are not very detailed. However, the characters look cute and funny, and the story will definitely attract kids. Sound effects are average and the music is nice.
In short, Christmasville is a hidden-object game only intended for kids, since it isn't challenging at all.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of mini-games.
  • Cute characters.
  • Nice story.


  • Only intended for kids.
  • No replayability.
  • Only one game mode.
  • Rather poor graphics.
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